For as long as the internet remains free, there are many resources available for you to keep up with current events, learn and discuss conservative philosophy, and become active in many local and national initiatives. Below are just some of the many resources available. The Brazoria County Republican Party does not necessarily endorse the content of the websites listed, but you are blessed with free will. If you don't like the content of a site, don't go back!

 AmericanThinkerA daily publication devoted to reporting on national security, business, science, technology, medicine, management and economics. There are regular, well-referenced articles with reader comments, as well as daily blogs.
 AtlasShrugs.comA news and blog site created by Pamela Geller that focuses on the global jihad movement and stories about anti-Semitism.
 Breitbart.comThe legacy site of Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website. Breaking stories for politics, education, media, and sports.
 HoustonCoalition.comA Houston Coalition for Life group that is raising awareness of the abortion industry and working through peaceful means to slow or halt construction of Planned Parenthood's massive new building in Houston.
 MichelleMalkin.comSyndicated columnist and blogger, Michelle Malkin is known for her witty views on the topics of the day. 
RagingElephants.orgDedicated to advancing the cause of conservatism-libertarianism by growing the ranks of conservative voters through racial diversity. The offical website of Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani

Texas Eagle ForumArticles and alerts from the Texas state arm of the organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly. This site is dedicated to pro-family values.
 Townhall.comNews and commentary from the conservative perspective. Many well-known conservative columnists can be found each day at TownHall.
 Heritage.orgA tremendous resource for historical perspective on the battle between liberalism and Conservatism from all aspects of society. A great place to research the philosophies and documents that led to the founding of our country.
 HumanEvents.comNews about current events and issues of interest to Conservatives.
 Texans for Lawsuit Reform
 A non-partisan group dedicated to restoring litigation to its appropriate role in society.